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[HACK] Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!

[HACK] Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!

Download Rom Through Zippyshare(Secure Fast Downloading)
NOTICE: This method works both on Rooted and NOT Rooted Phones!

  • Stock Firmware installed on the Phone (custom ROMS not supported ...They don't need to!)

  • A microSD with two primary formatted partitions inside (the former 'to FAT32' and the latter 'to EXT4' filesystems)

  • Ready to Flash to your Galaxy Next via Odin

    1) Download Tass.ops file for Odin!

    2) Type this number on your phone keyboard:


    and keep note of the PDA code of the Firmware installed.
    3) Download boot image ready for Odin and suitable for your firmware:
    1. PDA=S5570XXKPF (2.3.3)
    2. PDA=S5570AIKQ3 (2.3.4)
    3. PDA=S5570DXKPD (2.3.4)
    4. PDA=S5570JPKQ8 (2.3.4)
    5. PDA=S5570XIKQC (2.3.4)
    6. PDA=S5570XXKPI (2.3.4)
    7. PDA=S5570XXKPK (2.3.4)
    8. PDA=S5570BGKS3 (2.3.5)
    9. PDA=S5570JPKS1 (2.3.5)
    10. PDA=S5570XWKS2 (2.3.5)
    11. PDA=S5570XWKS7 (2.3.5)
    12. PDA=S5570XXKS4 (2.3.5)
    13. PDA=S5570DDKQ7 (2.3.6)
    14. PDA=S5570JVKT1 (2.3.6)
    15. PDA=S5570LWMKPJ (2.3.6)
    16. PDA=S5570LWMKPO (2.3.6)
    17. PDA=S5570XWKT7 (2.3.6)
    18. PDA=S5570XWKTH (2.3.6)
    19. PDA=S5570XWKTN (2.3.6)
    20. unsigned update-S5570XWKTN.zip
    21. 4) Flash the downloaded archive with Odin 

      Example image follows:

      5) THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

    22. How does it Work:

      Scenario 1:
      I switch on the Phone, without a MicroSD slotted in or with a microSD with a single FAT32 partition (broken or damaged microSD also suite this scenario...); GingerBread boots as usual!
      No Difference!

      Scenario 2:
      I switch on The Phone with a microSD slotted in (with the second partition formatted as EXT4 filesystem but still EMPTY); Ginger boots acting as if


      is completely moved outside to microSD but just WIPED (not true obviously, and the original /data is safe inside the phone), so it resettle it from beginning...

      ...If your second partition is 1Gb wide...
      ...your new Internal Memory will be 1Gb wide...

      Scenario 3:
      I switch on the Phone with the second partition of the microsd (EXT4) up and running (already resettled up for use and with my userdata on it); Ginger simply boots with


      moved outside to microSD with your userdata there and tons of apps just installed from the market...

      Example Image of my New Internal Memory Size follows

      - - -

      • If I want to remove the microSD from the slot, FIRST I NEED TO SWITCH OFF THE PHONE!
      • When I install apps from the Market, Ginger Misunderstands the actual new Internal Memory SIZE and puts the apk files to External Storage anyway! I simply need to move them "to the phone" via "Settings menu" immediately after!
      • When I switch on the Phone without the microSD, I boot using the original /data inside the phone, actually loosing all the apps installed onto the external one untill next boot with SDcard; and, of course, loosing my sms stored there and others personal userdata too.
      • Unfortunately this boot image heavy conflicts with Link2SD (great app anyway!), so you must choose one: This Boot image or Link2SD... not both... sorry!

    Download Rom Through Mediafire(Secure Fast Downloading)

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