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[HACK] Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!

[HACK] Increase Internal Memory Size to Whatever You Want!

Download Rom Through Zippyshare(Secure Fast Downloading)
NOTICE: This method works both on Rooted and NOT Rooted Phones!

  • Stock Firmware installed on the Phone (custom ROMS not supported ...They don't need to!)

  • A microSD with two primary formatted partitions inside (the former 'to FAT32' and the latter 'to EXT4' filesystems)

  • Ready to Flash to your Galaxy Next via Odin

    1) Download Tass.ops file for Odin!

    2) Type this number on your phone keyboard:


    and keep note of the PDA code of the Firmware installed.
    3) Download boot image ready for Odin and suitable for your firmware:
    1. PDA=S5570XXKPF (2.3.3)
    2. PDA=S5570AIKQ3 (2.3.4)
    3. PDA=S5570DXKPD (2.3.4)
    4. PDA=S5570JPKQ8 (2.3.4)
    5. PDA=S5570XIKQC (2.3.4)
    6. PDA=S5570XXKPI (2.3.4)
    7. PDA=S5570XXKPK (2.3.4)
    8. PDA=S5570BGKS3 (2.3.5)
    9. PDA=S5570JPKS1 (2.3.5)
    10. PDA=S5570XWKS2 (2.3.5)
    11. PDA=S5570XWKS7 (2.3.5)
    12. PDA=S5570XXKS4 (2.3.5)
    13. PDA=S5570DDKQ7 (2.3.6)
    14. PDA=S5570JVKT1 (2.3.6)
    15. PDA=S5570LWMKPJ (2.3.6)
    16. PDA=S5570LWMKPO (2.3.6)
    17. PDA=S5570XWKT7 (2.3.6)
    18. PDA=S5570XWKTH (2.3.6)
    19. PDA=S5570XWKTN (2.3.6)
    20. unsigned update-S5570XWKTN.zip
    21. 4) Flash the downloaded archive with Odin 

      Example image follows:

      5) THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

    22. How does it Work:

      Scenario 1:
      I switch on the Phone, without a MicroSD slotted in or with a microSD with a single FAT32 partition (broken or damaged microSD also suite this scenario...); GingerBread boots as usual!
      No Difference!

      Scenario 2:
      I switch on The Phone with a microSD slotted in (with the second partition formatted as EXT4 filesystem but still EMPTY); Ginger boots acting as if


      is completely moved outside to microSD but just WIPED (not true obviously, and the original /data is safe inside the phone), so it resettle it from beginning...

      ...If your second partition is 1Gb wide...
      ...your new Internal Memory will be 1Gb wide...

      Scenario 3:
      I switch on the Phone with the second partition of the microsd (EXT4) up and running (already resettled up for use and with my userdata on it); Ginger simply boots with


      moved outside to microSD with your userdata there and tons of apps just installed from the market...

      Example Image of my New Internal Memory Size follows

      - - -

      • If I want to remove the microSD from the slot, FIRST I NEED TO SWITCH OFF THE PHONE!
      • When I install apps from the Market, Ginger Misunderstands the actual new Internal Memory SIZE and puts the apk files to External Storage anyway! I simply need to move them "to the phone" via "Settings menu" immediately after!
      • When I switch on the Phone without the microSD, I boot using the original /data inside the phone, actually loosing all the apps installed onto the external one untill next boot with SDcard; and, of course, loosing my sms stored there and others personal userdata too.
      • Unfortunately this boot image heavy conflicts with Link2SD (great app anyway!), so you must choose one: This Boot image or Link2SD... not both... sorry!

    Download Rom Through Mediafire(Secure Fast Downloading)

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    Posted by Unknown, Published at 9:27 PM and have 5 comments


    1. Can we revert back to its original condition? just in case I'm not using galaxy mini/pop plus anymore.


    2. yup you can by flashing stock rom again

    3. can I make more than 1gb memory ex. 4gb?

    4. can't find my PDA code in your list S5570iJPLE1 ,Help Me Please.

    5. hello after successfully installed new PDA (s5570xwktn) the phone is not anymore to be connected with Bluetooth to my car.
      Do you see any link wrt the new PDA?