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The S2E Way of Moving Apps to the SD Card for Solving Low Internal Memory Problem

The S2E Way of Moving Apps to the SD Card for Solving Low Internal Memory Problem

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S2E, acronym for Simple 2 Ext, is a open source (its source could is available freely from https://github.com/OlegKrikun/S2E) free android application that moves your data including apps, games and cache to the second partition (aka ext partition) of your sd card. You can choose what to move and what not, right from within the app. In this article I will explain you how you can move all your applications and data to external storage using the free s2e app developed by OlegKrikun.

So, you can say this is an alternative to Darktremor's APP2SD Script. One benefit of using s2e over Darktremor A2SD Script is that this app is completely graphical user interface based as a result anyone can use it without even knowing the commands and using terminal emulator. But, don't forget Darktremor has got APP2SDGUI for that coverage. So, if you want to use Darktremor A2SD instead, please read How to install Darktremor A2SD Script? article. Otherwise follow the simple steps below to get started with simple2ext right away.

Please remember that you need cyanogen mod rom for s2e to work. So, if you don't have cyanogenmod rom please read Flashing Cyanogen Mod in Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570 article before proceeding. Also, you need to have a second ext3/4 partition on your sd card. Those who don't have it already follow steps 1 to 4 to create sd-ext partition using clockwork mod recovery, rest of you can skip steps 1 to 4.You can also create sd-ext partition alternatively by using Rom Manager app.

It is advised that you Do a Full Nandroid Backup of Your Rom first before beginning. This app might even  harm your device, so Do it at Your Own Risk!!!

1. Reboot your device into
Clockwork Mod Recovery.

2. Go to Advance>>Partition SD Card option on your recovery and select a size for ext 3 partition.If you are not sure a size of 512 MB or 1 GB should be enough for your sd-ext partition.

3. Also, select swap partition size as 0 Mb.

4. [Optional] Format your sd-ext from mounts and storage>>fromat /sd-ext option in CWM recovery.

5. Download s2e from Market. It is an free app but if you like it and want to thank the developer for his hard work please donate to him here

6. Install s2e on your android smartphone.

7. Configure it with the help of GUI provided to you. Select what you want to move to sd-ext and what not and it will do the rest for you.

And you have now successfully installed and probably configured your s2e app. Now you can be assured that you are free of low internal memory problem. If you need help on using the app please go through the Help available via menu or just ask at the comments below. Also, if you like the developer's work please donate him by buying s2e(silver) or s2e(gold) app from the market. Below I have given some links that may be useful in this regard.

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